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As a neighbourhood initiative, the vision of Meadowvale Neighbours' Café is to be completely funded by local groups and individuals - neighbours.  Our main costs are food, rent, and salaries.  It currently costs us about $340 a week to run the café.  Our partners and donors contribute volunteers, food, rent discounts, and services as in-kind donations as well as financial contributions.

All monetary donations over $20 are tax deductible and can be made payable to either Eden Community Food Bank or Mississauga Mennonite Fellowship and designated to Meadowvale Neighbours' Café. (click on the links to view donation instructions/address for these organizations)

Pay for a lunch

To buy prepared sandwich trays, fresh fruit, vegetables, drinks, cream, milk and supplies costs us about $170 each week to serve our average 40 guests.  Would you consider donating funds to cover one café lunch or more?

Bring lunch

Instead of paying for the cost of prepared food, you or your group could bring us lunch to feed 40 people.  Please contact us to discuss options as we need to be sensitive to food allergies and adhere to food safety guidelines.